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Combination classes

Tiny Dancers                   Ages 2-3

Mommy & Me                

Toddlers and parent dance together while focusing on rhythm, movement, music and lots of fun! Age appropriate concepts are developed: walking, hopping, jumping, sing-a-long songs and learning to play with others. Classes are 30 minutes long.

Tiny Dancers.                  Ages 3-5

Twirl & Tap, Twirl & Tumble        
These 45 minute classes are designed to instill the love of dance and movement in even the youngest of dancers. The children will begin to understand how to listen and follow directions in a structured class, as well as learning how to interact with their peers in this setting. Basic dance concepts are integrated into their world using creative and exciting structured and freestyle games and props. These young dancers' dreams come true when they perform on stage in our annual dance recital.

Petite Dancers                Ages 5-7

Combination Classes in the following styles:  Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Acro, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre        

These Combination Classes are typically for kindergarten and 1st grade students, and are a step up from the Preschool program. Our 5-7 year old classes are perfect for introducing children to slightly more advanced dance concepts and movement. Creative movement and freestyle games are incorporated with structured learning to ensure that having fun and instilling the joy of dance in the students is top priority!

recreational program

Recreational Classes    Ages 8-18
Separate Classes for each style

Starting at age 7, we separate each dance style into it's own class: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre and Acro. These classes are great for beginner through intermediate level dancers, and are just the right balance of learning and fun!
Though we believe that more training creates stronger dancers, we realize that many children only want to dance for the pure love of dance. Therefore, there are no extra class requirements for most recreational classes. 

Adult Classes

Dance is for ALL ages, not just for kids!  The past few years we have been growing our Adult Programming, and are happy to now offer TWO levels of Adult Tap, as well as Adult Jazz, Adult Ballet, and Pilates

Competitive program

Dance Companies         Ages 6-18

For the more advanced student who has a passion for performing, Adagio offers many levels of competition groups. Our groups range from 6-18 years old, in all forms of dance. These dancers perform in at least three regional dance competitions each year, as well as in our annual dance recital.

Competitive classes are advanced, therefore have a more rigorous schedule, depending on the age of the group. Placement in our Dance Companies is by instructor invitation only.

Please read the Dance Company page for more information.

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